“If we didn’t have Lexicon, we’d probably have to hire at least a dozen additional people.” – Femi Aina, Director of IT for Atlanta Public Schools.


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CASE STUDY: Preventing Burnout: How One District Keeps Their Techs Energized and Engaged

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CLAYTON county PUBLIC schools (CCPS) district profile


Location: North Central Georgia
Cities: Jonesboro, Riverdale, Morrow, Forest Park, Lovejoy
Population: 296,564

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Student Population: 52,186
Faculty: 3,382
Schools: 67 (35 Elementary, 14 Middle, 9 High, 3 Non-traditional, 6 Other)

Maintaining a motivated and efficient tech team is essential for the success of any K-12 district. One forward-thinking district has found an innovative solution to prevent their self-maintaining repair techs from burning out: job rotation.

Job Rotation: A Fresh Approach

Instead of having technicians constantly focused on repairs, this district alternates team job responsibilities by day. This strategy ensures that techs remain engaged and energized by varying their daily tasks. Here’s an example of how it works:


  • Device Repairs and Maintenance
  • Diagnose and repair hardware issues on student and staff devices.
  • Perform routine maintenance to ensure optimal device performance.



  • Help Desk Support & Technology Integration
  • Provide technical support to students, teachers, and staff via phone, email, or in person.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve software and hardware issues.
  • Assist teachers with integrating technology into the classroom effectively.
  • Provide training and resources on new educational technologies and tools.



  • Network Management & Cybersecurity Measures:
  • Monitor and maintain the district’s network infrastructure, including routers, switches, and wireless access points.
  • Ensure network security and implement updates and patches as needed.
  • Implement and monitor cybersecurity protocols to protect district data.



  • Device Repairs and Maintenance / Inventory Management
  • Manage the inventory of all district technology assets, including tracking and logging repairs and replacements.
  • Order and replenish supplies and parts as needed.



  • Software Installation and Updates:
  • Install, update, and configure software applications on district devices.
  • Ensure compliance with software licensing agreements.


This rotation keeps minds fresh and energy levels high, preventing the monotony that often leads to burnout.

Lexicon Partnership: A Strategic Compromise

To further alleviate the workload and tackle their biggest pain point, this district partnered with Lexicon Tech Solutions for middle and high school repairs. While budget constraints prevent them from outsourcing all repairs, this compromise allows their techs to focus on more critical tasks without the constant burden of extensive repairs.

By adopting a job rotation strategy and leveraging Lexicon’s repair services, this district has created a dynamic and fulfilling work environment for their techs.

Empower Your Tech Staff


Increase Job Satisfaction

Allow your techs to focus on advanced tasks and projects they are uniquely skilled for.

Enhance Retention

Providing opportunities for growth and new challenges keeps your team engaged and motivated.

maximize expertise

Utilize your staff for initiatives that only they can execute, adding greater value to your district.


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