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CASE STUDY: Resolving Webcam Issues with Innovative Collaboration in Clayton County Schools

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CLAYTON county PUBLIC schools (CCPS) district profile


Location: North Central Georgia
Cities: Jonesboro, Riverdale, Morrow, Forest Park, Lovejoy
Population: 296,564

Clayton County Public Schools Logo


Student Population: 52,186
Faculty: 3,382
Schools: 67 (35 Elementary, 14 Middle, 9 High, 3 Non-traditional, 6 Other)


Lexicon Tech Solutions, through its Summer Services offering, processed an extensive inventory of 40,000 devices for Clayton County Public Schools, one of the largest school districts in Georgia. During this process, Lexicon’s repair technicians identified a widespread issue affecting approximately 2,500 student devices, consisting of a dual problem: half required connector replacements on the board, while the remaining devices necessitated complete camera and cable replacements. This malfunction posed a hindrance to the seamless learning experience of numerous students across CCPS


Upon discovering the two-fold problem, Lexicon promptly engaged with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), for whom Lexicon is an Authorized Service Provider, regarding the potential manufacturer’s defect. The OEM requested Lexicon send them a sampling of unrepaired devices for testing. Upon confirmation of Lexicon’s diagnosis of the defect, the OEM agreed to reimburse Lexicon for parts and labor, as Lexicon already had the necessary parts in stock for repair.

Lexicon technicians conducted all required repairs, ensuring the devices were promptly returned to the students without interruption to their learning experience.


This collaboration between Lexicon Tech Solutions, Clayton County Schools, and the OEM exemplifies the power of partnership in addressing complex challenges without disrupting student learning. By leveraging data insights and swift action, the team not only identified the root cause of damage but quickly implemented a practical solution that prioritized uninterrupted education. In the words of our customer, “It’s because of Lexicon’s repair techs and data that we were able to notice the pattern and bring in the OEM.” This successful resolution underscores the value of a Lexicon/District partnership in ensuring that students can continue their learning journey without disruption.


2,463 devices

in need of repair

1,243 required mainboard repair to replace webcam. Of those, 612 required webcam replacement and 620 required webcam cable replacement.

3 weeks

time to repair

After weeks of evaluation and brainstorming cost-effective solutions during Summer Services, parts were orders, received, and devices repaired.


cost avoidance value

by finding a cost-effective repair solution, we avoided labelling the devices “Beyond Economical Repair” avoiding substantial costs to the district.

students break devices. we fix them.