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Fleet & Repair Analytics

Real-time tracking of device status. Delve into failure rates by device, part type, school, and grade levels.

Advanced Analytics with RepairEngine®

At Lexicon Tech Solutions, we offer unparalleled data analytics capabilities through our RepairEngine® platform. Our detailed, real-time analytics provide significant benefits in managing student device repairs and ensuring quick returns to your district. With these insights, we can identify breakage patterns and proactively address issues that could potentially disrupt your device fleet.

BENEFITS OF Real-Time Analytics

Our data analytics have a proven track record of helping districts save time, money, and hassle. By leveraging fleet performance analytics, we identify issues early, before they become unwieldy. Here’s how our analytics help you stay ahead:
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predictive inventory management

RepairEngine’s predictive analytics take the guesswork out of parts inventory management. Using fleet performance analytics insights gleaned from over 25+ years of managing break/fix, Lexicon can anticipate parts needs (based on seasonal usage, district-specific consumption patterns, break rates, etc.) and predict where and when we may need to “bump up” your parts inventory. We typically maintain a 90-day stock of parts, minimizing downtime caused by parts delays.
Power Bi Analytics Screenshot


Power BI Analytics

Our Power BI analytics dive deep into various metrics to provide actionable insights:
  • Failure Rates: Analyze by part type, device model, school, and grade levels.
  • Budget Optimization: Eliminate budget surprises and make informed decisions.
  • Custom Reports: Receive reports tailored to your district’s specific requirements.

optimize your devices

Customizable Analytics for Your District

Lexicon Tech Solutions’ analytics turn your repair data into actionable insights. Whether it’s common measurements like failure rates or custom metrics tailored to your needs, our analytics ensure you have the information you need to manage your device fleet effectively.

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