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My district is burning out a lot of USB ports. Why is this?
A high rate of burn out of USB ports in Chromebooks is a strong indicator that students are probably using non-OEM power sources when at home. This could include generic power banks, their phone, or even a car adapter.
Not all USB-C cables are made equally. Many adapters that, for example, plug into your car or wall can be purchased for as little as $5.00 and do not have the ability to discriminate voltage discrepancies or overages like the provided OEM adapters. This quickly leads to port burn out and can also fry the device.
We’re so glad you asked! Foremost is making sure students are using their provided OEM adapters and not reverting to whatever’s on hand to charge their Chromebook. It may be worth doing a quarterly inventory count or check-in with students to make sure they still have their OEM power adapters and cords, and having extras on hand to hand out for those that have lost/misplaced theirs. Letting students know that alternative power sources can damage their device is another strong step. Many kids (and parents, and teachers) simply don’t realize they may be harming their device by using a generic power source.
A type-C connector improperly inserted or removed can be just as damaging as a bad power source. Students aren’t known for being gentle and too much torque on the USB-C cable/connector is another ongoing source of damage we see.

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