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Welcome to RepairEngine®

Our cloud-based ticketing portal makes it easy for schools to initiate and track repair tickets online.

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The RepairEngine® Advantage

Hassle Free Import

of all school district device serial numbers including spare pool

API Compatibility

with leading asset management providers means your team doesn’t need to learn a new system. 

Ease of Use

Simple and intuitive interface with no lengthy justifications for how damage occurred required.

360 Real Time View

You’ll know exactly where your devices are – repair, QA, or transit. Never lose track again!

Role Based Access

Limit access to information based on role assignment.

Uncover Failure Patterns

Access easy-to-read reports about your hardware, including average turn times and failure rates by model, component, and school.

Identify Priority Repairs

RepairEngine®, tracks the number of spares at each school along with the number issued and the number available for use. Lexicon uses this information to automatically reprioritize repairs, accelerate deliveries, or reallocate spares to keep each school’s utilization below 80%.

Act on Technician Tips

Your repair team meets weekly to review your district’s break/fix analytics and identify breakage patterns. We’ll suggest process improvements and/or training opportunities to improve student user habits in order to save you time and repeat repairs.


Real-time updates, custom reporting, & monthly team reviews

These are a few of the reports available. In addition, we can combine fields for custom reporting.

See RepairEngine® in action.