Looking for parts? We have common K-12 device parts and whole units for sale from our overstock/obsolete inventory.
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white glove DEPLOYMENT

Save your team time and hassle with turnkey deployment of Chromebooks, tablets, and iPads

benefits of lexicon deployment services

and 25+ years experience

Teacher working on laptop at school

time savings

Instead of spending hours on device preparation, IT professionals can focus on more strategic tasks while devices are efficiently deployed.

& productivity

With devices prepped and ready for immediate use, students can start working without delay. There is no downtime with device setup or configuration.
Lexicon Deployment

Standardization & Consistency

Consistent configurations and settings across all devices reduces potential compatibility issues and simplifies IT management and support, making it easier to troubleshoot and maintain devices.

asset management

Asset tagging and recording serial numbers aids in efficient device management and inventory control – making it easier to track devices, monitor usage, and manage warranty or repair.

the hidden cost of deployment

unnecessary tasks can cost your district time, Money, and hassle

40,000 tasks

for 5,000 devices

80,000 tasks

for 10,000 devices

1,020,000 tasks

for 150,000 devices

students break devices. we fix them.