Why K-12 Districts Are Choosing Chrome OS Flex

Chrome OS Flex is a new operating system that can be installed on an older Windows or Mac laptop to give it new life. For budget-minded K-12 districts, it’s a fast, easy, and affordable way to update and extend the life of existing devices for more efficient teaching and learning.

A Walkthrough To Install Chrome OS Flex

In this video, Lexicon’s deployment manager Nick Jessup walks you through how to do a singular device set up of the Chrome OS Flex system.

Learn how Lexicon can quickly and affordably update your existing fleet of devices.

Can Your Districts’ Laptops Benefit From ChromeOS Flex?

If you have a large pool of laptops that could benefit from Chrome OS Flex, contact Lexicon and we’ll work up a plan to pick up your devices, deliver them to our Conyers repair facility for a bulk upgrade, and return them to you. Reach us at:

AlwaysLearning™ With Lexicon Tech Solutions

If you would like more information on Lexicon’s AlwaysLearning comprehensive device repair program for K-12 districts, or any of our K-12 device repair, maintenance, or refresh services, contact us for a conversation or a quote. We look forward to serving you!

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