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We offer everything your team needs to ensure that student devices are kept working and student learning is never interrupted. Unlimited Accidental Damage Protection (ADP), white-glove deployment, 24/7 tracking of repairs, and spare pool devices provided is just the start of the many benefits you’ll receive working with our team. We average under a 10-day turn time with a 99.9% repair rate. Districts like Clayton County and Atlanta Public Schools trust Lexicon for device repair and maintenance. You can too.


What makes Lexicon different?


We are a company with almost 25 years of experience in providing, repairing, and maintaining critical front-line technology services for everyone from Amazon and the United States Postal Service to school districts like yours.


Specialized microelectronics repair capabilities means we can repair components that most providers would have to replace. This translates to lower costs and faster repairs for your district.


We bulk purchase parts directly from overseas manufacturers at the start of your contract to prevent delays in repairs and eliminate the risk of parts being unavailable. Parts are stored on site in our 75,000 s.f. warehouse. Simply put, parts delay is never an issue.




minutes total time to return to learning

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Student turns in damaged device.

Staff scans in broken device and scans out spare pool device.

Student receives spare pool device and returns to learning.

Broken device is picked up, repaired, and returned.

Multi-manufacturer Support

Lexicon supports devices from all manufacturers and can obtain repair parts for any model.

Our Partners


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“I’ve often told a lot of my colleagues, don’t do it on your own. Get a partner if you can. The strongest partnerships I have are with vendor partners where I feel like I’m the only customer. Every time I’ve had either questions, concerns, or anything and I’ve raised it up to the Lexicon team, my issues have been addressed very promptly. I’m satisfied.”
Femi Aina, Director of IT, Atlanta Public Schools
“Without Lexicon, we’d have to try and anticipate the volume of repairs and how many parts and spares to keep on hand. First of all, there’s no way we can know all of that. Second, we don’t have the room to keep parts on hand even if we could make a guess, and third, the repair time with Lexicon is super quick. Everything about the process from start to finish is thought through to make things as simple and easy as possible for us on this end.”
Tiffany Mixon, Technology Specialist, Heard County Schools

“Lexicon is more than a trusted partner. We value the relationship because they go above and beyond for our schools. They allow our teachers and students to teach and learn seamlessly. We can rely on Lexicon to be there when needed and to add value to our support and service mission.”

Jim Farmer, CTO, Fayette County Public Schools

“Lexicon is an essential partner in our district’s plan for device maintenance and repair. They have consistently provided a very high level of satisfaction and have helped to make our ‘hot swap’ plan (to keep students and staff always with a working device) a reality. Lexicon has been a long-term partner for Henry, and they have delivered for us for many years. I am happy to provide an enthusiastic recommendation for Lexicon.”

Brian Blanton, CIO, Henry County Schools
“My experience with Lexicon has been great. It’s like they’ve already thought of everything. It’s provided so much relief that we can turn deployment and device management over to them. Lexicon lifted the burden and gave us the gift of time and support. ”
Bernadette Peterson, Assistant Director, IT Asset Management, Atlanta Public Schools

“We’re stretched thin with teacher computers, the network, and more. Having AlwaysLearning frees up our time so we can actually do our jobs. We’re not bogged down with repairs. Lexicon as a company literally oozes customer service. I’ve never seen it’s match. The Lexicon team is always–always– available to us. We can call or email with any question and it’s always immediately addressed. The thing I like is that it’s a happy response. The whole culture is very much, “We’ll take care of it.” It truly is white-glove service.”

Mike Robbins, Director of Technology, Heard County Schools

“Lexicon continues to be an outstanding partner for Clayton County Public Schools. The AlwaysLearning solution truly lives up to its name and enables our teachers and students to focus on instruction and not on technical issues. Lexicon has become a critical extension to the Clayton County Public Schools Department of Technology and an invaluable resource for our district.”

Wes Watkins, Director of Technical Operations, Clayton County Public Schools

Success Stories

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AlwaysLearning™ Partnership

FCPS CTO Jim Farmer discusses how the partnership has had a powerful impact on his team, the district, and the students of Fayette County.

Atlanta Public Schools, Georgia

Lexicon and the AlwaysLearning solution helped ease the burden on Atlanta Public School’s team for deployment, servicing, spare pool devices, and warranty of one-to-one devices.

Spare Pool Optimization

Lexicon was able to help HSCC monitor asset utilization by school and better allocate spare pool resources throughout the district, as well as where and why most damage was occurring.

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