Lexicon Assists Districts Impacted by Staymobile Bankruptcy

This week’s announcement that Staymobile–the Kennesaw, Georgia based student device repair company–has permanently closed its doors has left some districts scrambling to ensure their students are not left without working devices for the remainder of this school year and the start of next. 

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Lexicon Team Available to Serve Staymobile Districts

Upon learning of Staymobile’s closing, impacted districts began reaching out to Lexicon. 

“Right now we’re answering questions, putting together quotes, and offering immediate assistance in device repair where needed,” said Lexicon Tech Solutions CEO Joshua King. 

He notes that districts dealing with the Staymobile closing are likely going to be gun-shy about jumping into a new contract and that the Lexicon team aims to be respectful of that. “Districts are probably reeling a bit and need the space to look at options and decide what’s best for their districts and their students,” said King. 

“Out of Business” Not An Option for Districts

That being said, districts are under pressure to have ADP and device repair sustainability plans in place. Ensuring equitable access so that every student has a working device is a top priority for district IT teams nationwide. 

“What I want districts to know is that Lexicon is secure, debt-free, and we have available bandwidth and capacity to take on new repairs and maintain our service level, which is an average of 5 days turn time for repairs,” says King. 

“What I want districts to know is that Lexicon is secure, debt-free, and we have available bandwidth and capacity to take on new repairs and maintain our service level, which is an average of 5 days turn time for repairs.”  

– Joshua King, CEO, Lexicon Tech Solutions

Lexicon recently expanded their ISO 9001:2015 facility from 50,000 to 75,000 SF. The company is driven by procedural standards with a 99.9% first-time fix rate and A+ certified technicians, certified on every device on which they work.  

Unlike most student device repair providers, Lexicon eliminates the risk of parts not being available by bulk ordering at the start of a district contract and storing parts in the company’s 75,000 SF repair facility. 

“We perform a full diagnostic on every device to identify both reported and unreported issues,” says King. “Specialized microelectronics component-repair, device testing, and quality checks for full functionality eliminate the need for repeat returns and keep our district partners happy.” 

Always Learning 5-minute Process
Lexicon’s 25-year History

Founded in 1998, Lexicon established itself by providing high-quality, economically-priced repair services to large-scale enterprise users of electronic devices. The company built their reputation for technical skill and customer service by reliably serving business and government customers including Amazon, U.S. Foods, Staples, Tractor Supply, and the United States Postal Service. This passion for excellence was amplified when Lexicon entered the K-12 market.

During Lexicon’s emergence into the marketplace, Lexicon’s founder and Chairman served on a metro Atlanta school board for 12 years. Through this community involvement, the company recognized the increased need for Lexicon’s technical and service excellence to make a direct, positive impact in the education of students by eliminating Technology Disempowerment, the teaching and learning disruptions that result from hardware failures.

Lexicon developed the AlwaysLearning™ Device Management program to eliminate Technology Disempowerment by ensuring that students and teachers maintain uninterrupted access to learning materials and instructional environments, even when inevitable technology failures occur.

“We pride ourselves on our service and being a trusted partner for our districts,” said King. “Whether it’s a one-time repair, asset tagging and etching, or a full-out white-glove deployment with unlimited ADP, we work with districts of all sizes and budgets. And whether we end up being the vendor of choice or a temporary stop-gap to assist Staymobile customers, our focus is always on the students. We’re here to ensure they have access to the technology they need so learning continues uninterrupted.”

We’re here for your district! To talk to our K-12 team, email us at alwayslearning@lexiconK12.com

Webinar Q&A | May 11, 2022| 11 AM & 1 PM


Lexicon-hosted 30-minute webinar on transition options available to districts impacted by the closing of Staymobile. Lexicon is available to assist districts with immediate, short-term needs.

This webinar will provide a brief overview of Lexicon services with plenty of time left for participant Q&A model repairs, pricing, and what a transition plan may look like.

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