District Testimonial : Clayton County

Clayton County is ranked among the 100 largest school districts in the U.S. The district's IT leaders have employed Lexicon's AlwaysLearning device repair and management program since 2020.


The IT team from Atlanta Public Schools joined us for a tour of our 75,000 s.f. repair facility. Interested in a tour? Contact us at

What's AlwaysLearning™?

AlwaysLearning™ is Lexicon’s Proven Device Management Solution. We guarantee students are never without working tech. Watch how we do it.

Atlanta Public Schools, Georgia

Tune in to hear Director Aina's advice to other districts managing devices and vendor partners, and why he trusts Lexicon to ensure no student is ever left without working technology.

5 years of AlwaysLearning™ at Fayette County Public Schools

We talked with FCPS Chief Technology Officer Jim Farmer on the benefits of AlwaysLearning, and why he considers Lexicon Tech Solutions a partner for his district.

Hampton High School Onsite Student Laptop Audit

937 devices scanned and verified in under one hour. 

Lexicon Parts Inventory

There are so many types of screens, keyboards, and palm rests for school devices, each produced for a limited time.

Lexicon Tech Solutions Device Enrollment

Through our enrollment/deployment services, we give students everything they need to start learning, and nothing else.

Lexicon Quality & Precision Repairs

At Lexicon, we take quality seriously. If we touch it, it's fixed. This school year, we're proud to report we had a 0.1% return rate. This means that 99.9% of everything we sent out was fixed.

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