Chromebooks, Windows, & Apple Student Device Repair

Lexicon Tech Solutions bulk orders parts to store in our 75,000 sf warehouse to ensure parts delay is never an issue!

Lexicon has built a reputation on fast turn times (average turn time for student device repair during a school year is 5.5 days) and repairs done right the first time. Our repair rate for SY 2021/2022 was 99.97%. That means for every 4,000 student devices we repaired, only one was returned requiring additional repair. (And yes, that one is irking us. We are aiming for a 100% first-time repair rate for SY 2022/2023.)

We accomplish fast turn times and quality repairs thanks to ISO and QA processes we have honed over the years. To begin, every one of our A+ certified repair technicians undergoes 100 hours of training and is certified on every student device they repair.

Next, we QA all devices for full performance before returning to a district. A Chromebook or iPad may come to us with a broken screen listed as the damage. We repair the screen then also perform a full diagnostic to ensure there are no remaining or hidden issues. This prevents us sending back a device with a repaired screen, only to receive the same device the following week with a ticket for a loose USB port.

Finally, we bulk order parts at the start of a district’s contract to ensure we have all the parts on hand needed to perform repairs. Our supply chain team purchases from the same providers used by the OEMs. Since we bulk purchase, we can house parts at a lower cost and pass that savings on to our customers.

Below is a list of student devices most commonly used by the schools we service. Additional laptops and devices are available upon request.

Acer Spin 311

Acer Spin 511

HP G7/G8/G9 EE

HP X360 (G3/G4)

HP Chromebook 14 

Dell 3100/3110 Clamshell and 2-in-1

Dell 3120     

Lenovo 100 (G1/G2/G3)

Lenovo 300e (G1/G2/G3)

Lenovo 500e (G1/G2/G3)


MacBook Air

Base Ipad Model 2nd – 9th Generations

Ipad Mini Model 1st – 6th Generations  

Ipad Air Model 1st – 5th Generations

Ipad Pro 12.9″ 1st – 5th Generations 

Ipad Pro 11″ 1st – 3rd Generations

Ipad Pro 19.7” and 10.5″ 

Surface SE (currently being developed by Lexicon’s Supply Chain Procurement Team)

Most districts will experience a 30% break rate for devices in years 2-5. Lexicon’s AlwaysLearning™ program offers unlimited ADP so warranty is never a concern and, with our spare pool management, students are never without a working device.

For more information or quote for your district’s student device repairs, contact Lexicon at

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