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K-12 Parts Inventory

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OEM Part NumberDescriptionCompatible Models
L90428-00114-inch Nontouch Display Panel (Matte)HP Chromebook 14 G6 (Nontouch)
5C20Y66496Camera (AMD)Lenovo 100E Gen2 AMD
741727-00145W Power Adapter, SKO-45W ADPTR NPFC SMART RC 4.5mm NSLIMHP Probook G8 440
Acer 45W USB-C Power Adapter
Acer 65W USB-C Power Adapter
M21383-001Back Cover, LCD WLANHP Probook G8 440
M21370-001Base EnclosureHP Probook G8 440
L90411-001BASE ENCLOSURE CBG/Bottom CoverHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Nontouch)
L75783-005BATT 2C 47Wh 6.15Ah LI GH02047XL-PLHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Nontouch)
M47207-001; L75783-005BatteryHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
L42583-005BatteryHP Chromebook G7
11.6" Screen ProtectorCompatible with 11.6" devices, Plastic screen made to protect from drops and scratches"
Bezel w/o Webcam Cover KitHP Probook G8 440
M01026-001Bezel, LCDHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Touch & Nontouch)
M21712-001Board, SPS-IOHP Probook G8 440
5CB0T70715Bottom CoverLenovo 300E Gen2 AST
5C50Y97712Connector BoardLenovo 300E Gen2 AST
5CB0T95166Bottom CoverLenovo 300E Gen2 MTK
L46560-001Bottom CoverHP Chromebook 14A G5
M47197-001Bottom CoverHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
SA461D-2007(AMD)Touchpad AssemblyLenovo 300E Gen2 AST
M44242-001Bottom CoverHP Chromebook G9 11MK (Nontouch)
M49317-001Bottom CoverHP Chromebook X360 G3 11MK
5C51A14226Connector Board with Audio JackLenovo 300E Gen2 MTK
5C51C94226Sensor Board/ G SensorLenovo 300E Gen2 MTK
L92197-001Bottom CoverHP Chromebook X360 G3
5CB1F14322Bottom Cover (AMD)Lenovo 100E Gen2 AMD
L14332-001Hinge SetHP Chromebook 14A G5
L46567-001WebcamHP Chromebook 14A G5
M47380-001Bottom HousingHP Chromebook G9 (Touch)
GB02XL, L42583-002, L42583-005BatteryHP Chromebook 14A G5
L14338-001LCD CableHP Chromebook 14 G5
L14330-001, DD00G3CM012Camera CableHP Chromebook 14 G5
L90413-001Hinge SetHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Touch & Nontouch)
M21715-001BRACKET KITHP Probook G8 440
M23765-001CABLE KITHP Probook G8 440
M23850-001Cable, WLAN-AntennaHP Probook G8 440
L92816-001Connector Board (Includes USB & Audio Jack)HP Chromebook G8 (Nontouch)
L90421-001Cable, DisplayHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Touch & Nontouch)
L90413-001HINGE KITHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Nontouch)
L90414-001HINGE CAP CBG-Hinge/Trim CoverHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Nontouch)
M21725-001DC Jack/SPS-DC InHP Probook G8 440
L90437-001USB Board, DaughterboardHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Nontouch)
L90439-001WEBCAMHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Nontouch)
Dell 45W USB-C Power Adapter
L90418-001LCD CABLE NON-TSHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Nontouch)
Dell 65W USB-C Power Adapter
L90435-001TOUCHPAD CBGHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Nontouch)
L90413-001Hinge SetHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
M47203-001Hinge CoverHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
M47195-001DaughterboardHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
M47204-001Camera BoardHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
L92724-005Wi-Fi Card (compatible with G9/G9T)HP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
L92338-001 (NV116WHM-T1C)Display Panel (Panel only, no bezel)HP Chromebook X360 G3
L92338-001 (NV116WHM-T1C )Display Panel Assembly (Includes Bezel)HP Chromebook X360 G3
HP Chromebook X360 G3 11MK
L89775-001Display Panel CableHP Chromebook G9 Nontouch (AMD & INTEL)
M47202-001LCD CableHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
DD00GACM002Camera CableHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
M21716-001Heat SinkHP Probook G8 440
M47198-001TouchpadHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
L90434-001Speaker SetHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
805139-009WebcamHP Probook G4 430
L52550-001Hinge KitHP Chromebook G7
L92207-001Hinge KitHP Chromebook X360 G3
L52570-001G7 EE USB Port BoardHP Chromebook G7
L52572-001WebcamHP Chromebook G7
M14330-001WLAN (Radio)HP Chromebook G7
L52548-001Base EnclosureHP Chromebook 11 G7
M49326-001Hinge KitHP Chromebook X360 G3 11MK
L52555-001Display CableHP Chromebook G7
02RY30Housing, Bottom CoverDell Chromebook 3100 (P29T, Touch)
L52568-001TrackpadHP Chromebook 11 G7
L52567-001SpeakerHP Chromebook 11 G7
M21374-001Hinge KitHP Probook G8 440
034Y6YHousing, Palmrest,Dell Chromebook 3100 2in1 (P30T)
09X8D7Housing, Palmrest, Non-TouchDell Chromebook 3100 (P29T, Nontouch)
0TK87MHousing, Palmrest, TouchDell Chromebook 3100 (P29T, Touch)
034YFYHousing, Rear Display CoverDell Chromebook 3100 (P29T, Touch)
279W8Housing, Rear Display CoverDell Chromebook 3100 2in1 (P30T)
HP 45W USB-C Power Adapter
HP 65W USB-C Power Adapter
M21382-001HP ProBook 440 G8 LCD BACK COVER WLAN 250NHP Probook G8 440
M21718-001Internal FanHP Probook G8 440
00D2DTKeyboardDell Chromebook 3100 (P29T, Touch)
5D10Y67266LCDLenovo 300E Gen2 INTEL
5P10Q93993LCD AssemblyLenovo 300E Gen1
L90415-001LCD Back CoverHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Touch & Nontouch)
M47199-001LCD Back CoverHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
5B30T70505LCD Bezel (AMD)Lenovo 100E Gen2 AMD
M48566-001LCD CableHP Chromebook G9 (Touch)
M49325-001LCD Cable (for G3 LCD w/o Stylus)HP Chromebook X360 G3
M23766-001LCD Cable, 40 Pin KitHP Probook G8 440
L90430-001LCD PanelHP Chromebook 14 G6 (Touch & Nontouch)
L52563-001, B116XTN02.3LCD PanelHP Chromebook G7
L92826-001 / B116XTN02.3LCD Panel (Non-Touch)Lenovo 100E Gen2
5D10Y97713LCD Panel, GEN 2 ASTLenovo 300E Gen2 AST
5CB0T70806LCD Rear Cover (AMD)Lenovo 100E Gen2 AMD
L89785-001 [N116BCN-EA1]LCD TouchscreenHP Chromebook G8 Touch
Lenovo 45W USB-C Power Adapter
Lenovo 65W USB-C Power Adapter
5B20Y97700Main Logic Board (AMD)Lenovo 100E Gen2 AMD
5B21B63567Main Logic Board (MTK)Lenovo 100E Gen2 MTK
L67710-002MEM 16GB DDR4-3200 1.2v SHAREDHP Probook G8 440
M27886-001MicrophoneHP Probook G8 440
5B21B63140MotherboardLenovo 300E Gen2 AST
5B20Z68187MotherboardLenovo 300E Gen2 MTK
5B20R07042Motherboard (INTEL Celeron)Lenovo 100E Gen2 INTEL
L89778-001Motherboard, Intel® Celeron N4020 (1.1 GHz base frequency)HP Chromebook G8
01H008Gumdrop DropTech for HP Chromebook 11 G8/G9 EE - Clamshell (Mfr. Part#: 01H008)HP Chromebook 11 G8/G9 EE
Gumdrop SlimTech for ACER Chromebook Spin 511 (R752)ACER Chromebook Spin 511 (R752)
Gumdrop SlimTech for Lenovo 300e Gen2 (Mfr. Part#: 06L003E01-0)Lenovo Chromebook 300e Gen2
A2305OEM Apple Charging Block, 20W USB-C Power Adapter
MKQ42AM/AUSB-C to Lightning Cable
SM#2L1Hinge Cover KITDell Latitude 3190
0FGF20 ; D3KWTDisplay Panel Assembly, NontouchDell Latitude 3190
0RNMRJBottom Base EnclosureDell Latitude 3190
1H683; 00H061LCD Back Cover Lid AssemblyDell Latitude 3190
0H122Palmrest AssemblyDell Latitude 3190
00G935LCD BezelDell Latitude 3190
1H683; 00H061LCD Back Cover Lid Assembly with Hinges (11.6" LCD Back Cover Lid Assembly for the Latitude 3190 laptop. This includes Hinges, LCD cable, and camera module.)Dell Latitude 3190
0XW7D7Display Panel CableDell Latitude 3190
CPFW1Ribbon Cable For TouchpadDell Latitude 3190
WDX0R; 0VM732Battery, Latitude 3190Dell Latitude 3190
036G3PKeyboardDell Latitude 3190
081P5JTouchpadDell Latitude 3190
0J0D64Right HingeDELL Latitude 7420 2in1
08FTGT(Unit that has the rubber carbon fiber lid)
Right hinge only
N4VN8HUD AssemblyDELL Latitude 7420 2in1
(Unit that has the rubber carbon fiber lid)
93W31MotherBoardDELL Latitude 7420 2in1
(Unit that has the rubber carbon fiber lid)
5XWC3Fingerprint BoardDELL Latitude 7420 2in1
(Unit that has the rubber carbon fiber lid)
F89P8Board, Junction CircuitDELL Latitude 7420 2in1
(Unit that has the rubber carbon fiber lid)
5X0JCLCD Rear Cover In BlackDELL Latitude 7420 2in1
(Unit that has the rubber carbon fiber lid)
3M7XFBottom Cover in BlackDELL Latitude 7420 2in1
(Unit that has the rubber carbon fiber lid)
MTCN2Palmrest In BlackDELL Latitude 7420 2in1
(Unit that has the rubber carbon fiber lid)
XV6JHFingerprint Key ButtonDELL Latitude 7420 2in1
(Unit that has the rubber carbon fiber lid)
NBX00020K00Cable, Junction CircuitDELL Latitude 7420 2in1
(Unit that has the rubber carbon fiber lid)
Flat Line Cord, Black (M) 5-15 Plug to (F) C5 Connector, 3FT
D0PFV; L92826-001; B116XTN02.3LCD Panel (Non-Touch)Dell Chromebook 3120 (P22T)
B116XTN02.3Non-Touch Display Panel, 11.6"HP Chromebook G6
HP Chromebook G7
HP Chromebook G8
HP Chromebook G9
Lenovo Chromebook 100e
Lenovo Chromebook N21/N22/N23
Dell Chromebook 3120
Dell Chromebook 3180
Dell Chromebook 3190
5CB0T95165PalmrestLenovo 300E Gen2 MTK
M47207-001PalmrestHP Chromebook 14 G7 (Nontouch)
M44258-001PalmrestHP Chromebook G9 11MK (Nontouch)
SN20Q37056 / 5CB0U26489Palmrest (AMD)Lenovo 100E Gen2 AMD
SN20Q37056 / 5CB0U26489Palmrest (AMD) for Lenovo 100e 2nd GenLenovo 100E Gen2 AMD
L90459-001Palmrest / TOP COVER W/KYBD BL CBG US (Backlight Version)HP Chromebook 14 G6 (Touch & Nontouch)
L52573-001Palmrest w/ KeyboardHP Chromebook G7
M78958-001Palmrest w/ KeyboardHP Probook G8 440
M49312-001Palmrest w/ KeyboardHP Chromebook X360 G3 11MK
5CB0T79502Palmrest w/ Keyboard, Intel (Bump)Lenovo 300E Gen2 AST
5CB0721541Palmrest, AMD (w/o Bump)Lenovo 300E Gen2 AST
036PF9Palmrest, Webcam IntegratedDell Chromebook 3100 2in1 (P30T)
L92201-001Rear LCD CoverHP Chromebook X360 G3
M34737-001RTC BATTERYHP Probook G8 440
M21400-001Speaker AssemblyHP Probook G8 440
L85354-002SSD 256GB M2 2280 PCIe NVMe ValueHP Probook G8 440
B116XAK01.1Touch LCD PanelHP Chromebook G9 11MK (Touch)
L92192-001TouchpadHP Chromebook X360 G3
M21148-001Touchpad AssemblyHP Probook G8 440
L99224-001Touchpad AssemblyHP Chromebook G8
B116XAK01.1Touchscreen Panel, 11.6"HP Chromebook G8
HP Chromebook G9
Dell Chromebook 3100 Clamshell(Touch)
M29582-001WebcamHP Probook G8 440
M44253-001WebcamHP Chromebook G9 (Touch)
L41500-PK2, M49327-001Webcam ModuleHP Chromebook X360 G3 11MK
L92213-001Webcam ModuleHP Chromebook G8
L92724-002WLAN RadioHP Probook G8 440