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Data Analytics for Schools: Using Data to Drive Informative Decisions

How are schools using data analytics? Why is it significant? And more importantly, how can your school leverage it for better, more informed decisions?

Choosing the Right Device for Your School District: iPad vs. MacBook for Students

iPads and MacBooks both offer unique advantages, but which one is the better choice for your students? In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the key factors to consider when deciding between iPads and MacBooks for your school district.

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The Importance of Effective Inventory Management in School Districts

Effective inventory management is vital for schools to ensure the availability of necessary resources, optimize budgets, and create a conducive learning environment.

Lexicon for K-12 Offers Repair for iPads and Laptops: Your Solution After Apple Care

Lexicon is proud to offer comprehensive repair solutions for Apple iPads and Mac laptops. We understand how vital these devices are in modern education, and our commitment to providing excellent service continues with this endeavor that will ease the burden on your K-12 district’s tech department.

Safeguarding Education: The Importance of Accidental Damage Protection for Student and Teacher Devices in Small and Rural Districts Nationwide

As small and rural school districts nationwide increasingly integrate technology into their classrooms, the need to protect these valuable devices from accidental damage becomes paramount. Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) for student and teacher devices offers a lifeline for schools, ensuring uninterrupted learning and a seamless educational experience.

How to Deploy Devices in the Classroom for K12 School Districts

The integration of technology in the classroom has become crucial, particularly due to tech-savvy students, the Covid-19 pandemic and the shift towards remote learning.


The kids are back in school, the plants are wilting in the heat, and we’re all counting the days until winter break. To make the time pass, here’s this quarter’s AlwaysLearning K12 quarterly bulletin from Lexicon Tech Solutions.

Chromebooks, Windows, & Apple Student Device Repair

Lexicon has built a reputation on fast turn times (average turn time for student device repair during a school year is 5.5 days) and repairs done right the first time. Our repair rate for SY 2021/2022 was 99.97%. That means for every 4,000 student devices we repaired, only one was returned requiring additional repair.

Lexicon Welcomes New K-12 Districts to AlwaysLearning™

Lexicon's AlwaysLearning student device repair program continues to grow with the addition of new K12 districts across the Southeast.

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