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Robotics lesson with students at school

IT Asset Lifecycle Management for School Districts 

IT Asset Lifecycle Management is the process of optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, usage, and disposition of IT assets in an organization. In the case of school districts, these assets are typically student devices like laptops, tablets, or desktop computers.

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Heard County Schools

Heard County is located in the west central part of Georgia. The county is a rural 301 square miles, home to approximately 12,000 people. The Heard County School District consists of five schools – three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Total student population is approximately 2,111 students.

Mike Robbins has been the Director of Technology for the school system for 13 years. The school had been 1:1 for grades 3-12, and recently went 1:1 for K-12. We spoke with Mike and Technical Specialist Tiffany Mixon about their experience with the Lexicon AlwaysLearning® ADP program.