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advanced device repair FAQ

How long has Lexicon been performing device repair?
Lexicon Tech Solutions has 25+ years of Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) device repair experience, and has specialized in 1:1 K-12 student device repair for the last 10+ years. We are able to consistently provide high-quality repairs and service combined with low turn times because we focus on doing one thing–device repair–and doing it better than any other provider. We have the systems, processes, certifications, and people in place to deliver high ROI services to our customers.
Your contract price includes all parts and labor, service, and shipping. There are no hidden costs, no deductibles, and all work is warrantied for 60 days. You will be billed at the start of the contract.
Lexicon targets a 10-business day plus shipping turn time for repairs. This turn time includes a full diagnostic with all reported and unreported issues fixed, as well as device testing and quality check before the device is returned. Lexicon’s QA eliminates the need for repeated returns for repair with a >99% first-time success repair rate.
ADP protects your devices. Insurance-backing protects your ADP investment. AlwaysLearning™ is underwritten by one of the nation’s top AM best A rated insurers with more than $500B in assets under management. In our years providing device repair, we have seen low cost providers drive themselves out of business by skimping on risk management and insurance underwriting in favor of rock bottom pricing. This low price is attractive initially, but when it proves insufficient to cover repair costs, districts are ultimately the ones put at risk of having to buy the same thing twice.


Lexicon is driven by procedural standards with a total of 14 individual certifications held by our technicians and engineers. Every technician receives 100+ hours of training and is trained specific to the device model they support. Lead technicians are A+ certified on models they oversee/support.


Lexicon’s Atlanta repair factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is in the process of completing ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certification. We follow MSD JEDEC STD-033C that provides surface mount device manufacturers and users with standardized methods for handling, packing, shipping and use of moisture/reflow sensitive components. We are also ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) certified to further extend the life of your devices. * ESD Association studies show that failure to use ESD management decreases device life by 8-33%.
We are committed to responsible recycling of all batteries, plastics, PCB boards, glass, and meta. Lexicon uses a certified ISO 14001 disposal company.

When a student brings you a damaged device, scan or enter the damaged device’s information into RepairEngine or your trouble ticketing system. Then scan or enter the spare pool device being given to the student and send them back to class. RepairEngine’s API will automatically track both the damaged device trouble ticket and the spare device issuance.

That’s it! Lexicon will be notified of the damaged device ready to pick-up at the school. Our team brings it to the repair facility, completes repairs, and returns the device. Once received, your staff scans the device back out to the student and scans the spare pool device back in. The entire process is engineered to literally take five minutes of your staff’s time.

We work as a team with your district in an effort to smooth out device claims, rather than letting large numbers of devices gather before submitting multiple weeks of work at once. Weekly meetings with your Customer Success Manager help to keep us apprised of testing dates, audits, etc. where the influx of devices coming in for repairs might increase. This allows us to prep and have a plan in place to ensure turn times stay low.

students break devices. we fix them.