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AM Best A Rated Insurance-Backed Accidental Damage Protection

ADP protects your devices. Insurance protects your ADP.

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Lexicon has been a leader in Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) for 25+ years. We provide districts with the strongest available risk management through our partnership with an AM Best A rated insurance underwriter that stands behind our AlwaysLearning contracts.

We offer 3 Coverage Levels for all makes and models of devices:

  1. Repair Only
  2. Repair & Battery Replacement
  3. Repair with Battery & Device Replacement


All devices are eligible for coverage, including new, existing, and devices not in good working order.With Lexicon’s ADP, you can rest assured that whatever your students throw at their devices, you have the needed warranty in place for repairs/replacement.


When damage occurs, simply enter the device in RepairEngine®. We handle all warranty issues from there. If the device is still covered under manufacturer warranty, we’ll submit the claim. If not, you have full coverage under our Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) plan.


We want your devices to work as well on day 1,500 as they did on day 1, but batteries get tired. With enough degradation, usability is seriously impacted. Lexicon now offers optional battery replacement coverage. If added to your AlwaysLearning coverage, Lexicon will replace a percentage of your batteries over your service period with no additional charge.


Lexicon ADP ADP OEM Batteries, Chargers, & Accessories
New fleet coverage Manufacturer warranty for defects Optional battery replacement coverage
Existing fleet coverage
Devices not in good working order May be covered under AlwaysLearning at no additional charge.
Devices under manufacturer’s warranty


What is accidental damage protection (ADP)?

Accidental damage protection program is a type of insurance coverage that provides protection against the expenses associated with repairing or replacing equipment and devices that have been damaged due to accidental events. This coverage can alleviate the financial strain of fixing or replacing damaged devices and minimize the interruption of activities, ensuring that students and staff have access to the technology they need to continue their work.

Common examples of equipment and devices that may be covered under an ADP policy include laptop computers, tablets, surface devices and other technology. An ADP service provider gives peace of mind to owners of equipment and devices, knowing they are protected against the unexpected costs of damage claims or finding replacement products.

What’s typically covered?

Accidental drops, liquid spills, bumps, mechanical breakdown, electrical surge, screen repair and structural failures incurred during normal operations conditions or handling are eligible devices for accidental damage coverage.

What’s not covered?

Accidental damage protection for schools typically does not cover losses or damages resulting from intentional damage, such as theft or vandalism,  devices that are lost or stolen, as this is typically covered under separate insurance policies and damages resulting from natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, or fires.

Why have an accidental damage protection plan?

Accidental damage protection can provide significant benefits for K-12 school districts. This type of insurance coverage can help protect against costly repairs or replacements of equipment and devices, such as laptops, tablets, and other technology devices that are essential for student learning and daily operations. By having accidental damage protection, school districts can:

  • Reduce the financial burden of fixing or replacing damaged equipment, allowing schools to direct more resources towards other important educational initiatives
  • Minimize the interruption of educational activities, as devices can be quickly repaired or replaced, ensuring students have access to the technology they need to continue learning.
  • Provide peace of mind to school district administrators, knowing  they are protected against the unexpected costs of repairing or replacing damaged equipment.

Why does having insurance-backed ADP matter?

Having insurance-backed ADP protects your district’s investment. Historically, vendors have pushed cheap ADP in order to win price-competitive bids. Subsequently, companies have gone out of business or been acquired, leaving districts without coverage. Without insurance backing, your district carries the risk if the vendor fails to deliver. 

Is Lexicon’s ADP Insurance-Backed?

Yes, Lexicon’s device management program, AlwaysLearning, is underwritten by an AM Best A rated insurer. 

Is ADP more cost effective than flat-rate repair?

Accidental damage protection (ADP) service plans can be a cost-effective solution for K-12 school districts, especially over time as the likelihood of device failures increases. ADP helps absorb the extra cost or service fees of repairing or replacing damaged equipment on a flat-rate basis, ensuring students have uninterrupted access to technology for learning.

The Lexicon K12 AlwaysLearning program takes ADP to the next level by providing spare pool management and data analytics.

Spare pool management ensures that replacement devices are readily available in the event of a failure, reducing downtime for repairs. Data analytics helps schools understand device usage patterns and identify areas for improvement, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements. By combining ADP with spare pool management and data analytics, K-12 schools can ensure that their students have the technology they need to succeed while keeping costs under control.

Optional Theft Coverage


Lexicon provides optional theft protection for student and teacher devices. Coverage is priced per device, per year, and a police report is required.

To learn more or request a quote for theft coverage, contact us.

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