Broken screen covered by ADP | Accidental Damage Protection

Unlimited Accidental Damage Protection

All repairs and processing covered under Lexicon’s single-source warranty with unlimited ADP per device.

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For almost 25 years, Lexicon has been a leader in Accidental Damage Protection (ADP).

As a K-12 provider, we’ve seen it all: spills, drips, lightning strikes, shattered screens, devices that have been used for batting practice, ant infestations–and a few instances where we’d prefer not to know what took place.

With unlimited ADP, you can rest assured that whatever your students throw at their devices, you have the needed warranty in place for repairs/replacement.

That’s it. Lexicon will pick up any damaged devices on a weekly basis and take them to our 75,000 s.f. facility to begin repairs.


When damage occurs, simply enter the device in RepairEngine®. We handle all warranty issues from there. If the device is still covered under manufacturer warranty, we’ll submit the claim. If not, you have full coverage under our Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) plan.

All devices are eligible for coverage, including new, existing, and devices not in good working order.


AlwaysLearning was designed to cover almost all of the challenges you face in managing your device fleet, but sometimes devices are damaged beyond repair, damaged intentionally, or otherwise fall outside of coverage. We understand that absorbing unbudgeted expenses or trying to collect payment from parents is a choice between two undesirable outcomes. That’s why we designed the NQA Pool, a reserve equal to a mutually agreed upon percentage of your total device fleet that functions as your “easy button” for uncovered incidents.

With an NQA pool added to your AlwaysLearning coverage, Lexicon will replace devices over your service period with no questions asked and no additional charge.


We want your devices to work as well on day 1,500 as they did on day 1, but batteries get tired. With enough degradation, usability is seriously impacted. Lexicon now offers optional battery replacement coverage. If added to your AlwaysLearning coverage, Lexicon will replace a percentage of your batteries over your service period with no additional charge.


Lexicon ADP ADP OEM Batteries, Chargers, & Accessories
New fleet coverage Manufacturer warranty for defects Optional battery replacement coverage
Existing fleet coverage
Devices not in good working order May be covered under AlwaysLearning at no additional charge.
Devices under manufacturer’s warranty

Optional Theft Coverage


Lexicon provides optional theft protection for student and teacher devices. Coverage is priced per device, per year, and a police report is required.

To learn more or request a quote for theft coverage, contact us.

See how unlimited ADP can be yours.

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