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Lexicon Adds 25,000 S.F. for K12 Bulk Parts Storage

Lexicon Tech Solutions Boosts Warehouse Storage to 75,000 S.F.

Lexicon Tech Solutions, an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, recently added an additional 25,000 s.f. of space to the company’s Conyers, GA based repair and storage facility. The expansion comes as the company continues to bring on more K-12 districts for student device repair across the Southeast.

“Our plan has always been to grow responsibly,” said David Word, COO at Lexicon. “We don’t ever want to be put in the position where we’ve grown so fast that our turn times or customer service suffers.”

Under 10-day Turn Time

Lexicon is known throughout the industry for the company’s fast and reliable turn times for student and teacher device repair. While the company advertises an “under 10-days turn time,” the average turn time is 5 days.

One of the reasons for Lexicon’s fast turn times is that the company bulk orders parts ahead of time, at the time a K12 district contract is signed. Having the parts on hand, explains Word, means that there’s no repair delay due to parts ordering or a supply chain backlog.

Also contributing to fast turn times are the company’s A+ rated technicians who undergo rigorous training for every device on which they undertake repairs.

Finally, Lexicon techs are able to do component-level repairs, saving both time and money.

“A lot of repair companies out there don’t have the ability we do for component-level repairs,” said Word. “That means they may need to replace a $300 board while our techs can do the repair for pennies and get the device shipped back to the district and the student asap.”

Lexicon’s Future Growth

As the company continues to grow, Lexicon is considering where and when to open new facilities.

“Again, maintaining our level of service is key,” said Word. “We’re taking our time and carefully planning how and when we might expand outside our current walls.”

Word notes that as Lexicon signs larger districts outside of Georgia, it may make sense to open small remote repair facilities staffed with Lexicon technicians near these districts to ensure minimal disruption to student learning takes place.

“Quality and trust are two things we take seriously,” notes Word. “Everything we do, we first ask ourselves, ‘How will this best serve our customers?'”

For the moment, the company is doing what they do best in Conyers, taking in student devices for repair and ensuring students are never without working devices.

Take a look at Lexicon Tech Solutions new storage space!
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