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The key to uninterrupted learning? Putting a strong spare pool program in place.

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A well-planned and closely-monitored spare pool can mean the difference between learning success or failure for your students.

A certain level of device failure is a certainty. Lexicon’s spare pool services ensure your district stands ready to replace broken devices with working spare devices at a moment’s notice. More than that, our monitoring services help ensure all your schools have an adequate supply of spare devices on hand.


When a student brings you a damaged device, scan or enter the device into RepairEngine® . Then scan or enter the spare pool device being given to the student and send them back to class.

That’s it. Lexicon will pick up any damaged devices on a weekly basis and take them to our 75,000 s.f. facility to begin repairs.


Let’s say a school district has 10 schools with varying sizes of spare pools. The largest school has 30 spare devices, while the smallest has five.

Each of these schools have three (3) devices go out for repairs. When the devices reach Lexicon, repairs for the device from the small school are automatically prioritized by RepairEngine®. That’s because the system sees that the spare pool at the smaller school is limited, making it more important that those devices are returned first.

In addition, once your spare pool devices fall below a predetermined percentage, our team will alert your district with a recommendation to transfer spare pool devices from schools that have a large back-up stock to those schools where spare pool devices are running low.

All of this ensures that your students have access to working devices at any given time, so learning never stops.


To back up our guarantee of uninterrupted student learning, we keep a close watch on every school’s spare pool. You may hear us refer to the following terms:

Available Spares: spare pool devices accounted for and active in a school/district’s spare pool

Stranded Spare: spare pool devices that are not returned to a school’s spare pool after being checked out.

Inactive Spare: spare pool devices that haven’t been turned on in a 30-day period. The inactivity often indicates a lost or forgotten device.

See why spare pool is the key to uninterrupted learning.

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