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Get Actionable Insights

RepairEngine® provides actionable insights for device performance, user habits, future purchases, and ongoing spare pool management.

Track open orders, start new repairs, and review order history — all within seconds. Additionally, our convenient notification system makes it easy to identify and respond to any actions that require your attention.

Identify Priority Repairs

RepairEngine® looks at spare pool availability and automatically prioritizes device repair for schools where the spare pool is low.

Uncover Failure Patterns

Access easy-to-read reports about your hardware, including average turn times and failure rates by model, component, and school.

Optimize Your Spare Pool

Lexicon is constantly monitoring your spare pool. We can make suggestions on when to transfer devices among schools based on high/low use.

Act on Technician Tips

Our certified technicians meet weekly to review your district’s break/fix analytics and identify breakage patterns. We’ll suggest process improvements and/or training opportunities to improve student user habits in order to save you time and repeat repairs.

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