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Our Favorite Damaged Student Device Pics – Part I

When it comes to damaged student devices, we’ve just about seen it all. Cracked screens, loose keys, and fried motherboards, sure, but also damage from roaches (that scurried away when we opened the laptop), baseball bat indents, car issues (a damaged Chromebook came in with a tire tread clearly visible where it had been run over), as well as blood and regurgitated matter. And that’s just on a Monday. 😂 

There’s no question students can be tough on their devices. But we also have to hide a smile at times when we see what comes through the door. Here are a few recent pics we chose to share to remind you that the children are our future… if only they would just quit dropping stuff. 


Your Lexicon K12 Solutions Team

IMG 7932
IMG 0673
IMG 8531

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