We Repair All Student Device Makes and Models!

iPad Pro 12.9″ 1st – 5th Generations

iPad Pro 12.9″ 1st – 5th Generations

We have seen a number of districts moving to iPads for both teacher and student devices. Lexicon sources parts and supports repair for all generations of the iPad Pro 12.9″, from iPad screen repair to water damage. See repair options for other iPad models.

Contact us with questions on replacement parts availability and turn times (average 5.5 days for AlwaysLearning districts). We can also help with summer refresh services and transitioning your school’s iPad devices between grades.

More About Our K12 Student Device Repair & Maintenance Services

Fully Managed Deployment

We handle as much or as little of the deployment process needed to free up your IT team’s time for other projects.

Efficient Repair & Maintenance

Our average turn time for chromebook and student device repairs averaged 5-7 business days for the 2022-2023 year.

Device Refresh Services

Many districts store devices for repair with us over the summer months, as well as using our team to reconfigure devices for use.

Legacy Device Recycling

We pay for devices in resellable condition and guarantee a secure data wipe.



NQA (No Questions Asked) device replacement pool



Shipping & Receiving

Unboxing & Recycling

Distribution Friendly Packaging

Imaging & Enrollment

Performance Testing

Asset Tagging & Laser Etching

Asset Data Capture & Mgmt

Customized Distribution

Case Installation

Efficient Repair & Maintenance

Spare Pool Management

Onsite Pick-up & Return

One-Source Warranty & ADP

$0 Deductible

Rapid Repair Turnaround

Easy Repair Tracking

Reporting & Analytics

Accidental Damage

device refresh services

School Pick-up

Cleaning & Maintenance


Device Reconfiguration

Battery Testing & Remediation

Devices Always Working. Students