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fayette county, GEORGIA

Fayette County Public Schools serves the communities of Brooks, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Tyrone, and Woolsey, comprising 24 traditional schools, three non-traditional learning environments (known collectively as Fayette LIFE Academy) and an adult community education program. Fayette has partnered with Lexicon and the AlwaysLearning®️ program since 2017. Here, FCPS CIO Jim Farmer discusses how the partnership has had a powerful impact on his team, the district, and the students of Fayette County.

henry county, GEORGIA

Henry County School System in McDonough, Georgia serves 50 schools with an enrollment of 42,600 students and a faculty of 2,657. Lexicon has helped them deploy hundreds of new technology assets and better manage their existing multitude of technology assets with a single source for warranty and repair. Lexicon manages beginning of year deployment, end of year asset collection, and secure offsite summer storage. Through the AlwaysLearning™ Spare Pool program, Lexicon has ensured that students spend more time in class learning and less time waiting on their devices to be repaired. In addition, by monitoring asset utilization by school, tracking assets, and providing robust analytics, Lexicon has helped HCSS properly allocate resources, improve student experience, and save money.
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