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We bulk order spare parts ahead of time for the student and teacher devices we work on. This ensures no parts delay and fast turnaround time. When we over-order, you benefit! Check back often to see a list of parts and devices we’re moving at discounted rates.

  • Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo USB-C 45W and 65W power adapters & power cords in stock and available for bulk purchase starting at $19.95.  Learn More


Many small school districts get hit with a double-whammy. Limited funding from a small tax base frequently results in a shortage of IT staff combined with devices that are failing or outdated.

Lexicon recognizes the financial constraints faced by these small districts. We strive to make our quality repair services affordable for all districts, regardless of size. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a small district discount. If a qualifying small rural district employs devices that are used by our AlwaysLearning® customers, we can leverage our supply chain to provide bulk pricing that would not be available to these districts when purchasing on their own.

How It Works:

  1. Contact us for pricing and discount details.
  2. Discount eligibility based upon district size as well as device make, model, and age.
  3. If you move to an AlwaysLearning plan, we will credit a percentage of your repairs toward purchase (no obligation).

Are you a small district?

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Check back often for seasonal and holiday promotions on our AlwaysLearning plans, flat-rate repairs, summer services, and more, or simply reach out to learn more about our discounts.


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