Device Refresh Services

We have reconfigured our “Summer” Services to reflect our customers’ preferred use for secure storage of a portion of their device fleet, or collection, repair, and redeployment of devices moving between grade levels.

While primarily used in the summer months, these device storage and upkeep services are available to districts year-round.

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Device Refresh services are priced on a per-device basis and are scheduled in advance. We book up quickly over the summer months and recommend reserving a spot as early as possible.

We require districts notify Lexicon of device count by location by May 31 for all devices to be processed during June, July, and/or August.


We come to you. Hassle-free pick-up of devices from each school by our Lexicon drivers or UPS.


All devices receive a thorough cleaning and inspection to identify any reported/unreported issues. All devices undergo a quality-assurance check before being stored for the summer.


We perform any requested device reconfiguration and test all devices. All configured devices undergo a quality-assurance check before being stored for the summer.


All devices are securely stored on-site in our 75,000 s.f. ISO 9001:2015 facility based just outside of Atlanta.


Asset tagging, laser etching, performance testing, friendly packaging, asset data management, and custom distribution to school/classroom/student will have you ready to start the new year.

What is device refresh?

Device refresh is when IT technology teams evaluate the need to refresh each school’s outdated technology with new Chromebooks, Ipads, laptops, etc. Our team can help with bulk deprovisioning, updating devices in bulk, and enrolling new devices. We offer comprehensive solutions to help K-12 schools seamlessly transition to the latest technology, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced learning experiences for students.

Why refresh?

  • Take advantage of the latest features available on newest hardware
  • Leverage residual value of current devices to purchase newer devices
  • Supports productivity and better user experience for teachers and students


When is the best time to refresh?

The best time to start a refresh project depends on budget cycles, tech upgrade cycles, and the academic calendar. However, many school districts choose a summer device refresh schedule when students and teachers are on break and classrooms are not in use.

Refreshing devices during the summer break allows school districts to minimize disruptions to the learning process during the school year. It also provides the IT department with the time and space to troubleshoot new devices, update software and security systems, and perform other necessary maintenance tasks without interfering with classroom instruction.

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