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Founded in 1882, Atlanta Public Schools is one of the largest public school districts in the nation, with approximately 52,000  students, 90 schools (including partner and charter), and a staff of 3800. Femi Aina, Executive Director of IT, leads a team of 180 technicians. He turned to Lexicon and the AlwaysLearning solution to help ease the burden on his team for deployment, servicing, spare pool devices, and warranty of one-to-one devices. In August of 2021, Lexicon deployed 37,711 devices for APS, with an additional 14,000 devices deployed later, and service and maintenance for 40,000 devices. Find out why, without Lexicon, Mr. Aina estimates he would have had to hire at least a dozen additional people.



Fayette County Public Schools serves the communities of Brooks, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Tyrone, and Woolsey, comprising 24 traditional schools, three non-traditional learning environments (known collectively as Fayette LIFE Academy) and an adult community education program. Fayette has partnered with Lexicon and the AlwaysLearning®️ program since 2017. Here, FCPS CTO Jim Farmer discusses how the partnership has had a powerful impact on his team, the district, and the students of Fayette County.


Lexicon’s technical and testing expertise proved invaluable to Fayette County when the unexpected occurred. During the school’s benchmark testing period, touch screens began behaving erratically, clicking on items at random without user input. Fayette County’s initial fears – that they had been hacked – were relieved when Lexicon’s engineering team discovered a defect in the construction of the touch screen that was causing the behavior. See the results!

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Spare Pool Optimization


Henry County School System (HCSS) serves 50 schools with an enrollment of 42,600 students and a faculty of 2,657. Lexicon has helped them deploy hundreds of new technology assets and better manage their existing multitude of assets with a single source for warranty and repair. Lexicon manages beginning-of-year deployment, end-of-year asset collection, and secure offsite summer storage. Through the AlwaysLearning®️ Spare Pool program, Lexicon has ensured that students spend more time in class learning and less time waiting on their devices to be repaired. By capturing and providing detailed analytics, Lexicon was able to help HSCC monitor asset utilization by school and better allocate spare pool resources throughout the district. We were also able to identify, by school and by device, where and why most damages were occurring. This allowed for student training to cut down on device damage, saving HSCC money and improving the student experience.

Henry County


937 devices scanned and verified in under one hour.

Accidental Damage Protection


Heard County is located in the west central part of Georgia. The county is a rural 301 square miles, home to approximately 12,000 people. The Heard County School District consists of five schools – three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Total student population is approximately 2,111 students. Mike Robbins has been the Director of Technology for the school system for 13 years. The school had been 1:1 for grades 3-12, and recently went 1:1 for K-12. We spoke with Mike and Technical Specialist Tiffany Mixon about their experience with the Lexicon AlwaysLearning® ADP program.

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ProSys and Incident IQ


Lexicon was proud to partner with ProSys and Incident IQ to deliver an end-to-end IT solution for Atlanta Public Schools. 35,000 Chromebooks and 5,000 iPads were asset-tagged and enrolled in an asset registry, and are now covered for break-fix support and spare pool management for the five-year lease period.

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