The Case for Hard Cases

Less Repairs. Fewer Spares. Longer Device Life.

Districts purchasing new AlwaysLearning™ coverage will house student Chromebooks in hard cases for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Installing hard cases…

  • significantly extends the useful life of student devices
  • lowers district expenditure on spare devices
  • minimizes interruption to learning and administrative hassle

“Our screen damage repairs were very high. Working with Lexicon's repair data, together we made the decision to pilot hard cases on Chromebooks for our middle schoolers and have seen results. Fewer devices were sent in for repairs overall, and having the hard cases slowed repairs for damaged screens and housing. This has encouraged us to move forward with covering the remainder of our devices.”

Christopher Davis | Executive Director of Technology Operations, Henry County Schools 


Looking for hard cases? At Lexicon, we bulk purchase hard cases for Chromebooks from the best manufacturers in the market. We don’t mark up cases to make money. Instead, we pass our savings directly to you!

We’re here to help districts minimize device failures and keep technology in the hands of students.

hard case
13% failure

(3.12 devices per 24 students)


in districts that use hard cases

soft case/no case
28% failure

(6.72 devices per 24 students)

The above is based on data gathered across districts with 40K+ devices. Lexicon is in the process of gathering additional data on hard cases versus soft cases. Email us if you would like to receive the final report. 

hard case

SOFT case


Starting in second quarter 2023, Lexicon started requiring districts purchasing new AlwaysLearning™ coverage to either a) house student Chromebooks in hard cases or b) put plans in place to transition student devices into hard cases over the next school year. 

Hard cases reduce the high number of screen repairs that are pulling devices out of the hands of students. Data gathered by Lexicon shows that Chromebooks without hard cases have approximately DOUBLE the failure rate of devices with soft or no cases. 

Especially for large districts, even a 10-15% failure rate translates into thousands upon thousands of student devices sent out for repairs or added to the workload of in-house IT teams. Meanwhile, students are without devices, necessitating the need for a district to purchase a larger number of spare pool devices. 

Existing plans are grandfathered in. However, we have found that installing hard cases significantly extends the useful life of student devices, lowers district expenditure on spare devices, and minimizes interruption to learning and administrative hassle. 

Other than requiring a hard case (versus a soft case), we are case agnostic! We do have a partnership with Gumdrop cases where we can offer discount pricing for bulk case purchases, but we’re happy to share our experience with various brands and types of cases. In the end, a hard case is better than no case!

When a district purchases them directly, yes. At Lexicon, we bulk purchase hard cases and can pass on significant cost savings from the best manufacturers in the market. We don’t markup cases to make money. Our goal is to lower your district’s device failure rate.

No. Lexicon is able to offer reduced pricing on Gumdrop cases but your district is not obligated to purchase from us. In addition, we’re happy to offer guidance on other brands that we’ve seen be successful in reducing repairs. 

Surprisingly, we found that schools with Chromebooks in soft cases were seeing more screen repairs than schools with no cases. Why? Kids use soft cases like a briefcase or backpack. They jam the soft case full of folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, earbuds, and more. The pressure from a soft case overstuffed with these items translates to a LOT of broken screens.


Hard cases can range in price from $19 to $50. Lexicon offers a significant bulk discount. 

Lexicon can factor in the addition of hard cases to any AlwaysLearning™ contract, offering districts a substantially lower price point for the bulk purchase of Gumdrop cases.

Yes, In partnership with Gumdrop, Lexicon can offer discount pricing on bulk purchases. We can also source cases from other manufacturers. Contact us at for a quote.

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